Thursday, May 16, 2013

Acupuncture...sure I will try that

I love trying new things! Sometimes, this results in great experiences (ie. inter-tube water polo, sliding through ice caves, and eating escargot). Other times, it results in kind of awkward experiences that have good stories (ie doing a cannon ball into mountain water so cold that my muscles froze up, being a mascot for inter-mural sports, and taking a clogging class). This week, I had another new experience, you can decide if it was great, or awkward good.

On Wednesday, they offered free acupuncture at work. A new experience! Of course I wanted to go-although I knew about it was they poked needles in you, and there is evidence that it is some kind of treatment. I think I heard that it was supposed to be relaxing. 

Excited to be poked by needles, I hurried to the conference room, where the needle sticking was occurring. After checking in, and stating that I had never that this before, I was sent to a station, where I sat in a chair with pillows and propped up my feed on another chair. 

The acupuncturist, asked what I came in for. My response, "...umm, I've never had this before, and just wondered what is was like, what kind of things can you use acupuncture for?"  

Acupuncturist: "Well do you have trouble sleeping?

Me: "Normally not, but this last week I did have some trouble."

Acupuncturist: "Were you feeling stressed?"

Me: "A little"

Acupuncturist: "What about headaches?"

Me: "I don't get them a lot, but I did have one last week."

Acupuncturist: "You must have been stressed"

She continued to ask me a few more questions, feel my pulse on both arms, and then pinched my feet and asked what foot felt more tender. She then proceeded to place a small needle in the foot that I said felt tender. (The opposite of what I thought she would do.)

Actually, the needles going in really did not hurt. I don't even know if I could say everywhere that I had needles in me. I know I had 2 in each foot, at least on in my forehead, multiple needles in my ears, and a few in my fingers.

After the needles were placed, she left me to "count my breathing." Luckily, I had taken a yoga class at the hospital, and knew exactly what that meant. Believe it or not, it was super relaxing, sitting here with silver bits of metal sticking out of my skin. Although I did notice that my feet were starting to get really cold. I was slightly jealous of those with blankets, but I really didn't want a blanket over the needles.

Eventually, it was time to remove the needles. They came out easily, and there wan't much blood (maybe a drop). However, after the acupuncturist went to help someone else, I realized my feet were asleep!!!!  This wasn't like, "my feet area little tingly, but this funny," it was, "I don't know if I can get my feet back into my adorable yellow shoes." 

With a little bit of patience, and a lot of using my hands, I was able to get my feet in their shoes. They felt funny, but I thought I could hold my weight-WRONG. A few minutes later, I tried again and with a lot of concentration (left, right, left, right) was able to get my feet to take me out of the room. Then, they stopped again. I wish I could have seen myself, hugging the wall and giving my legs a pep talk.

"Come on legs, You can do it! Left, Right, Left, Right. I'll even let you take the elevator if you can get that far." Eventually, they listened. However, they listened too well. It was like my legs became weightless. It would fly up super high, yet it was able to hold my weight when it hit the ground. Then, suddenly, they were back to normal. I didn't even have to take the elevator.

The ironic thing is, that I did not sleep well last night. And, I had a slight headache at work-which may have been due to the awesome, hot pink, headband I wore to promote fitness at a meeting at work. However, I felt extremely tired all day, so maybe the acupuncture takes a day to work.

Overall, I am glad that I did it. In fact, if given the chance, (for free), I would do it again. 

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