Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shakespeare, you're wrong

Picture a lovely Saturday morning. You wake up, slowly move around, and finally flush your toilet. Then you hear the tinkle... downstairs, near your washing machine (in your living room=gross). This sound might make you panic, but it happened less than a month ago. You know, that the pipes outside are backed up (or frozen) and that any water you use will join you in the living room. There go your plans of showering, laundry, and doing your dishes.

If you are anything like me, you might have felt frustrated. While it is nice to have a valid excuse to put off being productive and turn to a day in your pjs, it doesn't help you prep for the upcoming week. However, there is a flip side, It's almost like being rich. Rich people have on-demand waterfalls in their entry way, right?

I know it is ridiculous, but thinking of my nasty toilet geyser as a waterfall helped me to enjoy the day. I wasn't someone not using water to stop a mess, but something with the option to turn on a waterfall, but choosing not to. Changing names matters. We don't name kids, Annoying, Over-rated, or Animal, because it affects our psyche. Ideas get in our subconscious. Instead, we can choose to use this power for good.
For instance changing asparagus to  "Volcanic Asparagus" makes it more appetizing. Who doesn't want to increase the vegetable consumption of the world?

As I pondered names, I realized how often I rename things to make them more exciting. In high school, every Friday was "National Elizabeth Day." My friends submitted theme songs and the winning song was sung every Friday for almost 4 years! While Friday is a cool day, "National Elizabeth Day" is even better. The real difference, the NAME. Besides singing and the occasional cookie, it was just a Friday.

To conclude: William Shakespeare's character was wrong. If roses were called trash, they might smell ok, but it would taint our perception. However, if you call trash a treasure hunt, going through your neighbors stuff might be fun. With this in mind, I am going to pay more attention to what I "name" things.