Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Excitement of a Cruise

I near future, I will be going on my first "grown-up" vacation. I am going on a cruise!!!!!! Since I don't have a lot of experience with exciting vacations (growing up, our vacation spot was Idaho), booking the cruise was a little intimidating, and a lot exciting. For months, I have been planning and dreaming of this trip. In fact, I've had so much fun with the anticipation, I don't know if the cruise can top the months of planning. Therefore, I wanted to document my final stages of planning. These are based off of the little bits the media/literature has taught me about cruises, ships and the ocean.

1. The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley, Thea Case of the Mystery Cruise was my first run-in with cruising. I don't remember many of the details, but I do know that they were treated to a surprise cruise, but found "bad guys" on boards. I have a vague recollection of a mime being involved (as a good guy) as well.

THE PLAN: Avoid crazy strangers and make friends with mimes.

2. Titanic. In this classic I learned 2 essentials of survival on the trip.

Number 1: Love can happen in an instance. Especially in near death settings. The girl needs to almost fall off (either by her own choice or accident) and the boy is willing to save her.

THE PLAN: Hang out on deck by cute boys that look like they can swim, but are strong enough to stop me from going over.

Number 2:  When booking this cruise, my friend and I picked the "poor people" cabins. We are the interior, interior. That means that we are two rooms away from the window. From the history of the titanic, I know that in a panic (especially if there aren't enough life boats) the rich people have the best chance of survival, which means that the poorer people (the people in the interior, interior) need to learn to push and shove to survive.

THE PLAN:  I am pondering, having "rush through people" drill at the LAX airport, as practice-just in case. I think that learning the skill of pushing my way, will help me out in multiple avenues of life. Maybe, I'll be brave enough for Black Friday this year....

Lastly, I hear a story about a girl who was so amusing, some rich old couple fell in love with her, and flew her to places, such as NY, NY to visit them.

THE PLAN: 1. Find a rich elderly couple from Hawaii, New York, or Europe, 2. Be adorable, 3. Make friends. 4. Save up vacation days to visit my new BFFs.